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Way back in December 1996, The Overflow had just had it's 10th birthday. To mark the occasion, we had major plans for Christmas and even put out our own mini-version of the Radio Times, called 'The Head-Yule Schedule'!!!  Issued in A5 format, here is a copy of the All-star Overflow line-up....


Christmas Eve

10pm - Garry Lee  A selection of Overflow favourites past and present, to take you right through the night and into Christmas day.

Christmas Day

7am - LIFT OFF - The Early Show with Cochise & The Witch  Formerly known as Reggae Ray & Reggae Jo on Freedom Overflow, another couple to officially change their names on air... and quite rightly so, as Reggae Ray has'nt actually played a reggae track since 1989! An excellent selection of mainly noisy tunes, guaranteed to wake you up on christmas morning.

8am - Breakfast with Blitz (2)  Legendary Overflow dinosaur 'L.Blitz' returns to the airwaves, with a selection of ludicrous tunes and talk, presented in his usual eratic manor. He seems to have two names these days, as in clubland he doubles up as top mixmaster Mr.C. Believe that and you'll believe anything, as the lights are turned on, but L.Blitz is out of the building!

9am - The Inter City Sounds Show with Ivor The Driver  Another blast from the past, as Overflow veteran 'Ivor The Driver' returns for christmas morning. If L.Blitz does'nt make you choke on your cornflakes then we can guarantee that Ivor will! Naughty but fun and not to be missed.

9.30am - The Green Widow's Small Slot!  Always an amusing show when GW is in the house, however this year her show is done under protest, as she's been demoted to half an hour. So... earplugs in and secure the ornaments, as GW rants and raves for thirty minutes about her small slot! (Also included - A special edition of 'Oooooooooooooh Corner').

10am - The Ben Dixon Christmas Show  Along comes Overflow's latest recruit, this will only be his third show for the station, but he seems to be settled in already. 30 minutes of christmas chat and laid back sounds, to help you recover from the Green Widow.

10.30am - Christmas 1966 with Paul Windsor  Ho ho ho from the north, it's festive Mr.Windsor, stuck in a time warp! Had Overflow been around 30 years ago, it would have definetely sounded like this. Music, jingles and even advertisements, all from christmas of that year, plus a special offer on Woodbines, only three shillings and sixpence for 200. So turn off the TV, as it's 1966, so you cant afford one!

11.30am - Shleppal The Bogeyman and Claire Bear  Two of the Overflow posse members who have been with the team for a year or so, gain promotion and indulge in 30 minutes of madness and mayhem on their first solo show. If there is'nt at least two punk songs in there, we'll be very surprised. 'Hey Shleppal'.... 'Got any Ramones'... 'Got any Pistols'... 'Got any Damned'... 'Got any Clash'...

Midday - Live from the Starship Overflow Kitchen - The Black Widow  BW's culinary experience takes to the airwaves yet again, as the sprouts take control of the conversation! Included are many memories of the last ten years of Overflow, plus updates as christmas lunch progresses. BW also has help at hand from a small pink Hippo called 'George', but we suspect this is because the advocaat bottle is kept in the kitchen!

1pm - The Richard Graham Show  Richard 'Solid Gold' Graham returns to The Overflow with another fine example of how the station probably would have sounded back in the 60's. A few rare treats are in store, accompanied (we expect) by the usual equipment failure and crackly vinyl. Well it's not the BBC you know, what does one expect!

1.30pm - Des Ray's Christmas Show  Another purveyor of groovy toons, Des Ray brings us long hair, flares, love beads and all things cool from the age of prehistoric rock (man)! Yes folks, it's the 70's, dont you just love it? Time to light up a joss-stick, pump up your best inflatable armchair and make sure you keep the joss-stick well away from it.... BANG.... ooops!

2pm - Christmas 1987 with Captain Chaos (Rpt)  Shit, I pay my license fees, I dont expect repeats on Christmas Day... But Overflow does'nt have a license and does'nt want a license.... What is a license??? This is the Captain's christmas show first broadcast at 2pm this very day, back in the depths of 1987. There's tunes from the time, as Sir Chaos rambles through 60 minutes of hippyish stuff. It's interesting to hear just how much The Overflow has changed since then... not at all really!

3pm - The Tim Rice Christmas Show  Following Reggae Ray's arrival in 1987, Tim was the next recruit after stumbling aboard the Starship Overflow. In today's programme, Tim looks back on some of the things he remembers from the last ten years of Overflow. Also on the show, the man behind the voices of the real 'Zippy & George', plus a selection of ambient and unusual sounds. So turn on and tune in!

4pm - The Watt-Box experience  We must be mad to even consider letting these two back on The Overflow! DJ's from Chelmsford pirate station Radio Galaxy, they were last heard together on Overflow back in May 1988. Listen up for 60 minutes of music that did'nt quite make our Top 100 most played tracks, so a few familiar sounds this hour.

5pm - The Happy Hundred with Garry Lee & The Overflow Posse!  Going Live...It's the Top 100 most played tracks, of the last 10 years of Overflow. Compiled by 'Zippy The Hippy' in the bowels of the Starship Overflow, it actually took him 6 months to compile it accurately. It would have taken him about 3 hours, but 'George' decided to help. Be prepared for the usual drunken festive antics, along with a good few choruses of 'Walking in the air'! Anything could happen in the next seven and a half hours!

Boxing Day - Touchdown! 

12.30am - The Black Sounds Of Freedom  Winding down proceedings, The Overflow proudly presents our annual reggae extravaganga, live from Head-Space! Presenting the show, Garry Lee, plus whoever has survived the marathon broadcast and insists that they are a fully-fledged posse member and are therefore duty bound to party indefinetely. In other words... not  'MARROW OUT' like certain others (to mention no!

FREEDOM OVERFLOW would like to wish all our listeners past and present, a very messy christmas and a hippy new year!

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