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Self build transmitters for the total novice

For those wishing to set up their own broadcasting equipment, its surprising just how many household objects can be put to good use. Heres a few ideas you might like to try yourself.

Its worth noting that a licence may be required for some types of bedpan and we do not advocate you attempt to erect one without seeking local authority permission. Bedpan transmitters were finally made illegal in 2006 (a result of the BBC charter), after which old Tony Blackburn broadcasts were the only option in low lying areas.

Pictured above is a member of the German 'Hardcore Metal' scene. Broadcast range is somewhat limited below ground and acoustics not so hot, but these guys are a committed bunch.

By order of the management, the special guage (above) has now been installed in the Overflow Studios to give a live readout of a DJ's performance throughout a show. It will measure choice of music, corny japes,  as well as dress code to give a more accurate reflection of output. Anyone venturing as low as Moyles will be instantly ejected from the chair to a height of 3000 feet!

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