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March 29TH


Varying in style considerably from their last album (which was a more traditional rock affair), Giuda have returned with an album verging on spacerock! For those of you in the know, think Electric Cake Salad, but not quite as polished. Does that make sense? We think so. Some fantastic riffs and catchy tunes that will stay with you once you've heard them a few times. It's one of those albums where after one listen you think 'not bad', 2 'rather good', 3 'ye gods I need to hear that album again straight away' ...and so on. If you take a chance on one album this year, let it be this. Released by Rise Above in the UK & Burger Records in the USA. Details from

March 22nd


Superb new double LP from the UK's finest festival dance band - Astralasia, who celebrate 30 years of making music in 2020. Once again, the new release is not as hard as some of the very fast trance albums of the early zero's. The band continue with a more psychedelic ambient feel to their sound, so in a way have gone right back to their roots. However you wish to describe it, these recordings are priceless to many among the UK festival scene and beyond. The albums come in a marvelous gatefold sleeve and in various colour vinyls. Ours are marbled pink & grey, though others are available. To be released on the 29th of this month. Further details from

March 15th


In a psychedelic haze, you stumble into a candle-lit opera house and join a crowd of heshers nodding in unison to powerful riffs, swirling harmonies and synth leads that cut like a four-inch stiletto knife. Smoke fills your nostrils and the sound of metallic space rock hangs in the air!... Introducing the mighty Glitter Wizard to all listeners of The Starship Overflow. DONOT MISS OUT! Grab your copy now @

March 8th


It must be nearly 35 years since these guys first burst on to the UK free festival scene. Renown poet & singer/songwriter Chris Bowsher still fronts the band, with his amazingly unique partly spoken, partly sung approach to his lyrics,which only a good modern poet could pull off.... and Chris does it in style! Political & protest songs, set to various styles of reggae & ska backing, RDF continue to do what they do best. The new album being over 2 discs. A mixture of new & old tunes remixed on CD1 and some exceptionally cool dubs on CD2. For details go here :

March 1st


A fantastic musician, friend & all round nice fellow, Trev started out with 60's band Iron Maiden! (Not the metal heads). After various other bands, he settled with legendary festival freaks - inner City Unit in the 80's & 90's, before recording this wonderful acoustic solo album in 2002. Unavailable anywhere for many years, the album gets a welcomed re-issue by The real music club, including an extra CD cram-packed with demo's, pre-mixes and all kinds of extra's! Well worth investing in the marvelous expanded edition. Available from

Feb 22nd


Brother Culture is a veteran in the industry since 1982 and now an international prescence taking Dub & Roots Reggae to higher levels. He is truly blessed in eloquence over sound and delivers intelligent lyrics clearly at such a pace, it has to be seen to be believed! His free styling is well regarded and he remains humble, taking the time to connect with his fans. What more could we ask for? Not much really. This is a splendid new studio album, 'The Rider' being our favourite from the album.... so so very catchy! Out on Evidence Music and available here : 

Feb 15th


... LOYAL TO THE CAUSE. First time we have featured Downward Spiral Galaxy on this page or the show. Hailing from New Jersey, DSG is a collaborative of musicianswho explore improvisational Psych & space rock themes. All tracks being recorded live on Lo-Fi portable Tascam digital recorders, as impromptu jams and idea explorations and then (usually) enhanced in the studio with mixing and overdubs. A fantastic instrumental release available from :

Feb 8th


Returning with their first new studio material in 20 years, comes the mighty sound of 2-Tone, It's The Specials! We began playing this album 2 weeks ago, when I said on-air - This has the makings of a No1 album. Here we are a fortnight on and it appears the album came straight in at the No1 position a few days ago! Whether you remember them first time round or not, this is an absolutely superb LP and lyrically very relevant to the times. The big song - Vote for me, being a prime example. It's extremely unusual for us to feature a hit album, as that's not what the Starship Overflow is about. But remember, there is an exception to every rule... and this is the most worthy exception of them all!

Feb 1st


If you dont know who this guy is, you've obviously never listened to The Overflow! Played on the station since our very first broadcast in 1986, Ed is the genius behind the mighty Ozric Tentacles. The Ozrics first made an impact on the UK festival scene, when they played at The Stonehenge Festival in 1983. Since then, Ed & various line-up's have brought us so many amazing albums over he years. Would you believe it, after all this time, it's Ed's first solo release and what an album it is! A truly gifted psychedelic instrumentalist, Ed's music is 100% unique and as for this album - A total masterpiece!

Jan 25th


Brought to us by the fabulous Mega Dodo label as a rather cool coloured vinly LP, comes the latest offering from The Honey Pot to be issued in March. Now a truly established band, their sound has matured and has more depth. Making this their finest release to date. How would we describe them? Probably 60's influenced psychedelic pop-rock with beautiful female vocals and lush harmonies. This forthcoming album is a true keeper for any valued music collection Coming on March 29th to

Jan 18th

DEVO - B-SIDES & MORE (1978-84)

Here on The Starship Overflow, we have been big fans of Devo since Day 1! They are one of the most iconic bands in rock history & have been releasing music for over 40 years. The band name comes from the concept of de-evolution: the idea that instead of continuing to evolve, mankind has actually begun to regress as evidenced by the dysfunction and herd mentality in American society. Record label - Run Out Groove decided to pull together some unique B-Sides, alternates, extended versions and remix singles from 7" & 12" records to create a brand new collection on one full length swirly multi-coloured LP with brand new artwork.What an amzing colllection! Available here :
Jan 11th


Yes folks it is the same band! Five album releases and a handful of singles later, The Chocolte Watch Band return for 2019 with a fantastic studio album called This is my voice. Their very first release was way back in 1967 and their last album release was in the year 2000. These guys are old hands at what they do, creating a new psychedelic tinged garage rock album, featuring many great new tunes. Not to be overlooked! Check them out @

Jan 4th 2019


The ever obscure, ever creative & ever interesting Paul Roland returns, with yet another masterpiece. We have follwed Paul's music since first making contact with him in the mid 1980's. Sometimes decribed as Baroque-Rock, dark folk, or even goth-psych during his long and chequered career as an artist, Paul is certainly unique. There are so many albums we could recommend, but thinking about it, here is as good a place as any ro begin. Now available as a download or on CD, there is also coloured vinyl to follow soon! Dont miss out, grab your copy here :




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