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Des McAngus the roving Scottish reporter visits Albert Watkins in Surbiton

Des McAngus has just finished touring the highlands for his new series, "Des Takes A Stroll" to be shown on mainstream television next year. Amongst his guests will be Scottish legend Moira Anderson and Jock McTavis the famous kilt maker as Des takes us on his very own personal guide of Scotland's more famous hills.

As well as talking to interesting local people and their dying crafts, such as the 'Clat Bracker' in Lochailort, along the way Des will also be showing viewers the range of plants that can be eaten with only slight preparation and the minimum of discomfort.

"Aye, even the humble thistle can make a tasty treat using just a couple of ordinary stones and a wee campfire" says Des, currently taking a short break in Dundee Hospital before he returns to his home in the Outer Hebrides.

Des is a familiar figure with his wax jacket, ginger beard and wellingtons and has been to just about every inhospitable place in the world in his green landrover. Parachuting, sewers, bunjee-jumping are all in a days work for Des but says its been a pleasant change to tour the places he used to go as a small boy. Des has been heard on local radio and even alternative radio when he was once heard on Radio Overflow turning on the Christmas lights in the Outer Hebrides. A keen bird watcher, Des has a hand-reared Slovanian Grebe named McGruff and a small Scotty dog called Tammy.

Earlier this year, as part of Radio 4's 'A Date With Des' series, the roving Scottish reporter drove down in his Landrover to see Albert Watkins in Surbiton. Albert runs a small cottage industry making.....well, we'll leave that to your imagination!

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