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Now we MUST point out here that this recipe is NOT to be consumed. It is intended to be applied to afflicted parts as a way to sooth aching muscles ONLY. Under no account is this to be ingested or placed near anything delicate or indeed anything you plan to keep..

We make no claims as to its effectivemness or otherwise but its a bona-fide (isn't that dogs?) recipe that can be applied to aching limbs, sprains etc. It was taken from 'Farmhouse Fare' - 1940. There may or may not be any benefits to using this mixture but could be brought out as a talking point at gatherings.



Take 1/2 pint of turpentine (not white spirit)  and 1 egg. Put them together into a large pan (At least 2 pints capacity).

Seal and shake until it becomes a cream.

Now, gradually add 1 pint of vinegar and a small tablespoonful of liquid ammonia. Bottle for use.

This embrocation apparently keeps for years in a well sealed bottle.


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