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The selection of pictures below, were taken in 2002. That year in August, we ran a 28 day RSL broadcast on 1503khz AM from the Light Vessel 18, just off the coast of Harwich in Essex. By day it was RADIO MI AMIGO & by night it was OVERDRIVE 1503.

Approaching the LV18 Radio Ship

Renovations begin - Brian (Matron) cleans the shower room out

Mystery Man bangs his knee and swears at me for snapping his pic lol

Tony O'Neill & the famous chipping hammer - noisy bugger!

Mystery on his knees this time (A rare sight), we think he'd dropped his fags!

Up top - Paul Windsor. From left to right below - Nick (from Harwich band - Dog Salad), Tony O'Neill, Mick Catchpole and his grandson

The empty studio, before we had kitted it out

Mr.Lee's hippiefied cabin, all ready for the broadcast

Mr & Mrs Barrington arrive and slip off to the master's cabin for a bit!

Matron gets the giggles below stairs

The tender arrives, bringing DJ's and supplies

Mystery nearly blows us all up with his dodgy wiring!

The 1503 transmitter (known as the 'Silly Sally Sender')!

The transmitter room - Out of bounds to most

Mr.Barrington always finds the time for a little tweak (At least its not the mannequins arse this time)

Mystery gazes up at the heavens. Swears blind he saw a UFO ! ( He must have a touch of scurvy, the poor lad)

Paul Dennis on top deck  (Must be hiding from his brother again)!

Paul Windsor also has the same idea!!!

Neon Nancy & Tony Currie on the poop deck

 Mystery poses with a funnel, 'Suicide' (Gary Foster) looks on!

(Left to right) Mystery Man, Ada (Floating Dutch Woman), James 'The bucket' Barley and Gary 'Suicide' Foster

Matron, Mark Taylor & Mystery Man on the main deck

Paul Windsor & son Chris at the bow of the LV18

Ex-Captain of the LV18 from her days in service - Mick Catchpole

Mi-Amigo by night!!!

Paul Dennis - Snapped in the nip at 5am - lol

Found in the radio room... 'The Windsor Wobbulator', a machine invented by Paul Windsor's grandfather, early in the previous century

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