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Paul Dennis on the morning show

Tony Currie (BBC Scotland) on drivetime

Paul McClaren on the afternoon show

Gary Foster (AKA 'Suicide') - From Midnight on Overdrive 1503

Garry Lee from 8pm  on Overdrive 1503

Dave Kent on the breakfast show

'Ah, that looks like a psychedelic one' thinks Mr.Windsor!

Neon Nancy on drivetime

James Barley on 1503 Test transmissions - through the night

Tony O'Neill on the first breakfast show

Paul Dennis on Saturday morning show

Sietse Brouwer (Radio Seagull boss ) on the afternoon show

Paul Windsor - From Midnight on Overdrive 1503

Bart Serlie (The Floating Dutchman) - On the breakfast show

Mr.Lee getting layed back on Overdrive 1503

Dave Fox on the afternoon show

Dave Kent with the Floating Dutchman (& woman) on the breakfast show

Darren Rozier on the morning programme

Paul Windsor cues up some vinyl on Overdrive 1503 (That's how it should be)!

Mystery & Mr.Barrington in the studio

Tony O'Neill & Ada (The Floating Dutch Woman) Xmas Part night in August!

Xmas decorations of a different kind - The Floating Dutchman (& woman) decorate the studio, with a Xmas tree made from a green bin bag with a carrot in the top!

One night Mr.Barrington & Mr.Lee did a joint programme on Overdrive 1503. Mr.Lee took charge of the music and Mr.Barrington kept the supplies in order (or out of order as the case may be) lol

4am the same morning, the lid refused to shift off the Jacks bottle!

The final night on air, what a party! Above : Mike Barrington & Mystery

These two Harwich guys were amazing. Swifty (on the left) and Marty. Sadly, neither of these fellows are with us any longer. Rest in peace chaps

Mr.Lee's slippers were quite a talking point over that month. Here are the legendary Mi-Amigo slippers, being used on the last night as percussion by Tony O'Neill

Earlier that day, Mr.Barrington was in the galley. We cant be sure what was going on here, but will ask him and reveal all soon!

Richard the cook looking well wobbly - Steady now mate!

After we closedown at midnight, those that have survived the party, chill out for a while in the mess room

2 hours later.....

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