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Every sunset from the LV18 was worth a climb onto the top deck or lantern!

Even sunset through the porthole, was quite an oil painting

For pure anorak value - A shot of the back mast!

Before the hull had been painted (2004)

In 2005, a couple from Suffolk re-newed their wedding vows at sea

The bow of the ship, complete with sticky-green surface, as someone... mentioning no names, did'nt mix the paint solution correctly! It's all a Mystery (Man) !!!

Beneath the Heli-deck, freshly painted (2005)

The 'Fatso' burner! Many a meal was cooked on fatso's hotplates! (2005)

There are other cooking facilities, though fatso was more fun!

One of the refurbished bathrooms (2005)

Two views of the master-cabin

Three different views of The Anorak Room and paraphanalia

LV18 pictured in Portland - May 2008

Returning to Harwich, a new mooring nearer to Felixtowe docks

These two pictures were taken in September 2008, after the LV18 returned from Portand. She had been used in the film : 'The Boat That Rocked'. Here she sits at Trinity pier in Harwich, where we were busy giving her a re-paint.

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