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 Welcome to Page 1 of the Miscellaneous Gallerys

Here you will find a selection of paraphanalia in no particular order, all related to The Overflow in one way or another!!!

In 1992, a competition was held at The Hippodrome, to design a new logo for The Overflow Club. Here is one of the better entrys that was received.

This was the winning logo (1992)

A wintery version, made for the christmas poster! (1992)


Programmes were produced for Shortwave station Radio Mutiny in 1991

This was the info sheet Radio Mutiny sent out to listeners

...and finally, the Mutiny QSL card. Also sent out to SW listeners.

A great night out!  DJ's included Steve Franklin & Garry Lee - July 1996

A rather boring logo that was never used - March 1993

Great musicians, supreme jingle makers and close friends of The Overflow.... Tim Jones & Terri B from Stone Premonitions, featured in Get Rhythm magazine - 2001

Whilst working at Samanthas Rock Club, Norwich in 1993/4, I was often drafted in at The Oval Rockhouse, to provide the sounds between the bands, at gigs such as this one.

Part of a large poster for the Dumpys gig at The Overflow Club - April 2003

Black & white piccy, taken outside Chelmsford Magistrates Court, after another Radio Galaxy court case - 1989 (we think) Wizard FM boss (far left), Garry Lee (far right).


A letter from Gary Moonboot & Kim Oz, of The Magic Mushroom Band - 1997

Part of an article taken from Psychotron Fanzine - 1992

Another Overflow night out, at least 6 of us went to the Brixton psychedelic all-nighter. Afterwards, we waited in the pouring rain for the tubes to start running at 6am... when a hippie girl came dancing up to us, insisting we went to a televised tree-hug! How times have changed these days.

Dutch band 'After The Party', were the first un-signed band to be featured on The Overflow. Their demo tape 'Paniek en psychedelica' was played on our first broadcast in December 1986.

This was presented to myself (GL) & The Black Widow, by Shleppal TBM & Clare Bear, after a particularly groovy night out in 1997!

Radio Marabu playlist from 1994. At the time, the station could be heard around the world on AM / FM & SW as well as via sattelite on the sub-carrier of TV Norge.


Postcard to The Overflow from Daevid Allen - Arranged by Tim Rice in 1993

Back in 1990, the landlord of the building where our studio was, decided to get very drunk one night and started smashing the place up. We had to get out rather quickly. Dont ask me why, but on the way out, I grabbed this off the studio wall!!!  Probably the first actual (no-budget at all) drawing of The Starship Overflow... (must have known it's future importance)!

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