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Here you will find a selection of things that we were either directly involved with, or were advertising on Overflow at the time..... or in some cases, both!!!

The Overflow had been on air all day on FM, under the pseudonym 'Radio Gnome Invisible', getting everyone ready for the first appearance in these parts from 'Gong', in many years. Daevid Allen kindly gave me a hand-drawn poster he'd made, as my first son was born the same week. Amongst the written words were 'Welcome weee souly to your home - Mother Earth'. These days the poster is in a frame, so unfortunately cannot be displayed here, but here's the gig poster!

After getting accidentally involved with the local Anti Poll-Tax group, we advertised the fundraiser gigs on Overflow - 1991.

Essex magazine - Alive & Kicking was advertised regularly on Overflow, especially as they covered what we were up to!!! 1990/91.

In 1993, death metal band 'Anathema' played The Overflow Club at Colchester Hippodrome.

Another Overflow club flyer, plastered around the town in June 1993

Another good friend of The Overflow, was Boris Oroonie! He ran 'Better Days Distribution', who we also advertised on air. They specialised in cassette albums from 'Webcore', 'Omnia Opera', Ozric Tentacles', 'Ullulators','Oroonies' and more! This flyer from 1994.

The Club Dog gigs are now legendary. Our favourite being the Shoreditch Town Hall gig (at the top). A full turn-out of Overflow DJ's were present and all three bands were amaziing - 1991.

Through the 80's and 90's, local loonies 'The Curious Band' played frequently at the arts centre. This particular evening, their own version of Hawkwind's Space Ritual - 1990.

Between 1987-1991, We provided the music for the Condom Rally (local bike rally). On this occasion, we doctored some stickers with the current frequency 91FM.

A flyer for The Grand Hotel at Leigh, Southend, where we recorded two Arthur Brown gigs (1993)

Fantastic psychedelic poster of The Dreamweavers. A band we first met at the opening of the new Crypt club in Sevenoaks, Kent, who we went on to plug heavily on the Overflow (1989)


Overflow DJ Didi The German (who sadly passed away in 2008), had his 30th birthday party at the Recreation Pub in 1990. Music was supplied by The Overflow and also a local rock band. So many people turned up, they drank the pub dry and had to pillage further supplies from The Bakers Arms... You sure dont get partys like that anymore!!!

The band that recorded the Overflow Theme tune, which was always used at the beginning and end of our broadcasts for around 7 years.... Magic Moments At Twilight Time. Although they recorded many cassette albums, this was their first official CD release in 1995.

Hilarious poster sent to us from a band in the States, actually called 'Screw Radio'! This was played on air in 1995.

Two flyers from regulars on the show - Wobble Jaggle Jiggle! Their albums 'Strange tales from the electric beyond' & 'Overflowing bowl of green jelly' were favourites in the early 90's.

One of many Overflow nights out... again a full turn out of DJ's attended this one at The Waterfront in Norwich - 1996.


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