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  Recipe Corner - one of a series of ten on glossy cards with a free holder

Now, they may not sound appealing in some cases (particularly sausage trifle) but they've all been tried and tested by members of the Overflow crew and found to be at least acceptable.

This first one is actually a war time recipe that Tim Rice found on his mother's bookshelf. Ma Rice claims it has "got her through 'ard times" too, so this one has stood the test of time and could sustain even the slimmest hippy for several weeks.  The Rice family to this day still cook this cake and although its questionable as to whether this cake DID emanate from a farmhouse, its not bad!

Ingredients are written from the original recipes so some are still in pounds and ounces.


2lbs Self Raising Flour
3/4lb  Sugar
1/2lb Lard & Butter mixed (vegetable oil may suffice for Lard)
1/4lb currants
1/4lb sultanas
1/4 lb peel (fruit peel not potato peelings)
1 beaten egg (or one that has given up)

This is a war time cake which oldies often call 'sweetie cake' - its uncomplicated and easy to cook. Freezes ok too. Its what you'd describe as 'wholesome' rather than light and easy to digest.

Rub lard and Butter into the flour (This means using your finger tips to amalgamate it all). Add sugar and fruit and mix with the beaten egg and milk into a stiff mixture. Put into 3 loaf tins (deep tins to you and me) and make in a moderate (presume they mean Liberal) (gas mark 3-4) oven for 3/4 hour or until golden brown and you can shove in a skewer without it coming out gooey.


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