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The Overflow Club - Colchester Hippodrome - Garry Lee - June 1993

Overflow studio - Garry Lee - 1992

Mick Magic of Magic Moments At Twilight Time - Overflow studio - 1992

Wivstock May Fayre 1992 - Dingo Virgin, Garry Lee & Tim Rice

Sundazed Festival Norwich 1996 - Garry Lee, Shleppal TBM & Clare Bear

Two pics of the new Overflow studio - Built by 80's Boy & Garry Lee  in Spring 2004

Will & John Lee (Looking considerably younger) - Overflow studio 1999

The Green Widow - Halloween 1999

The Widows - Green & Black!  Halloween 1999

The future is bright... the future is er.... Orange?  2005

Recently  unearthed photo of Mr Chips making er.. chips - 1987

Reggae Ray (Overflow DJ 1987-1994) (Photo taken in Cornwall - 2003)

Richard Graham (Overflow DJ 1990-1997 on & off) (Hilarious pic - 1977)

Overflow Xmas Party 1998 - The Happy Clappers! (Left to right : Clare Bear, The Milky Bar Kid, Shleppal The Bogeyman & The Green Widow)

The Green Widow adjusts Mr.Lee - Causes a cock-up live on air (1995)

Dave The Cardboard Box & Garry Lee - Summer 1991

Rare pic of Mr.Lee & Reggae Ray in collar & ties! (1994)

Bah humbug! Overflow studio - Christmas 1999

Dave The Cardboard Box - He was always grinning! (1991)

Garry Lee & Clare Bear - At Sundazed Festival Norwich (1996)

A very young Mr.Lee - This photo was taken just a  few hours before Overflow's very first broadcast (December 17th 1986)

A rare piccy of our first transmitter engineer and technical wizard - Sean Allen (1986). Sean had an annoying habit of modifying things. Here he is with his modified bicycle, complete with CB radio!

Another pic of Dave The Cardboard Box (1991)

Arthur Brown (from : Crazy World of Arthur Brown) after being interviewed by Mr.Lee (July 1993) Picture taken at The Army & Navy music venue in Chelmsford, which was sadly demolished in 2007

Mr.Lee & Mr.Box being daft at Deptford Free Festival (1995)

The Green Widow & Mr.Lee - Live on air (1996)

Overflow veteran - Captain Chaos - Pictured here at a local bike rally (2008)

Ha ha ha ha ha ha look what we just found!!! Proof that The Black Widow is (and always was), a complete and utter fruitcake - Brilliant! (PS : Thats Shleppal behind her) Studio pic - 1995

Ivor The Driver - Head of Starship Overflow maintenance (2008)

Snapped from behind, Live on our 24th Bithday Party (Dec 2010)

We always wondered what those spongey microphone covers were called... This is a particularly knackered one!

Commandent Chemicals visits the Overflow - June 2011

Son of Overflow nods off in his beanbag halfway through doing this weeks advertising! (1992)

Captain Chaos - Preparing for Overflow's 30th anniversary broadcast (Nov 2016)

Our good ol' friend from Lost In Space waving the flag for Overflow!

Ivor The Driver visits the Starship Overflow (March 2012)

And finally... the Overflow studio gets a visit from a super hero......      It's ROTHMANS MAN! (2004)

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