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Welcome to the Overflow Poster Gallery

Here is a selection of the posters that have survived over the years. There were probably many more, so if you have one that we dont, please get in touch so we can add to the poster archive. There are also a few business cards, car stickers, banners, bookmarks etc etc, that will appear amongst the paraphanalia!

Now dont laugh too heartily, this was our first poster (lol) - May 1987

Great poster designed by Reggae Ray - Late 1987 (way before pc's)!

Another hand-drawn design by Reggae Ray - Late 1987

Hand drawn poster from early 1988

Poster from 1988 - Heavily centered around The Bakers Arms - home of Hobec lager!

Christmas Day poster - 1988

An early computerised poster designed by Mark The Manager - 1989

Another from the same year - 1989, only this one was pink! Must have been one of George's designs!

Rear Cover of 'Whats on When' guide - The Bakers Arms - March 1989

Rear cover of 'Whats on when' guide - The Bakers Arms - August 1989

The jagged skull and crossbones - Designed by Poll Tax Tony - 1990

First Overflow Poster of 1990

This was our most popular poster ever! In black and white (for listeners to colour in) as were many of the posters, this one had the added bonus of slagging off 'Bros', a popular Boy-Band at the time. I'm sure that's why it was so popular! - 1990

At least the lightning missed our aerial mast! - 1990

Cover of the first Overflow mag - Mid 1990

Overflow Car Sticker - 1991

This was one hell of a day out! The Greenpeace benefit gig back in 1991, where we provided the music along with several local bands. The Rising Sun still stands, though was condemned some years ago after closing in the mid 1990's. Happy daze!

From 'Alive & Kicking' local magazine - 1991

Overflow Poster designed by DJ Blodwyn - 1991

The 5th Birthday Party Poster - 1991

The Christmas Poster - Zippy the Hippy had Chicken-Pox! -  1991

Poster for a one off broadcast as Radio Gnome Invisible - Feb 1992

Amazing what you find in Easter eggs - David Lee in this case - Easter 1992

Cover of 'The Mmatrix' fanzine advertising the tape of a one-off broadcast that featured the music of MMATT (Magic Moments At Twilight Time - Mick Magic's band) - 1992

1992 poster - Overflow via The Belguim International Relay Service

One of many posters from - The Overflow Club - 1992

Another hand drawn poster - 1992

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