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The Starship Overflow 2 - Designed by Tim Rice in 1995


Another logo briefly used in 1995 

We decided to move to Saturday nights - 1997




Set of 6 pocket cards designed by Stone Premonitions - 2000

Cover of the Stone Premonitions sampler CD, which I was honoured to present, back in the year 2000. Rather uncannily, it was only a few months before the twin towers were sadly destroyed.

Rear cover of same album - 2000


Overflow Bookmarks from 2001

Designed by my old mate 'Mr.Ailment' (Steve) in Southend, Essex back in 2002, this was briefly available as a T-shirt.

Another Testcard from 2002, also designed by Mr.Ailment!

Article from 'Get Rhythm' Magazine - 2003

Postcard from 2003 - when the Overflow was part of Anglia Online Radio

Our first MySpace banner - 2004

Another Overflow Bookmark - 2005 (Not that many of us ever read anything  lol.

A rather interesting 2005 Overflow poster... You get the rest after 9pm!

What's that on my TV?  Overflow on Sky channel 913?  It was then! - 2005

A new Overflow website logo - 2005

There were several versions of this logo - This one from 2006

The 2007 Overflow Postcards - Send a S.A.E to the PO Box if you'd like one, we still have a few left!

Designed by Tim Rice - Another postcard from 2007

First Overflow fridge magnet - Nov 2007

Christmas postcard - Dec 2007

Overflow Christmas card - Dec 2007

Two more fridge magnets  - Jan 2008

The final two fridge magnets of 2008 issued in February & March

New postcard for June 2008 (Given out at the Strawberry Fayre & other local festivals) 

New postcard for September 2008 designed by our old friend Mr.Ailment (who despite common belief is still alive and kicking, boils n' all!

The latest Overflow postcard (available in two colours) November 2008

Our Christmas postcard from Mr.Ailment... who has also designed many other postcards for The Overflow. (Dec 2008)

Our first giant fridge magnet (A4 size) - Feb 2009

New T-shirt - The Overflow on Radio Seagull 1602AM - April 2009

Space Stream - Doodling whilst on air!!!  (2010)


Hand drawn design by Mr.Lee's daughter - Age 12 (2011)

Kindly designed by Norwegian listener - Kat Alissa Sophie (Dec 2011)

Kindly designed by Norwegian listener - Kat Alissa Sophie (Dec 2011)

Mirror imaged version designed by Silly Trilly (March 2012)

Overflow cartoon - (April 2012)

 New Overflow business cards (June 2012)

Overflow design made by David Lee (Sept 2012)

Overflow advertisement for a special 2-part programme to celebrate some of the music that could be found at facebook group - The Psychedelic Sewing Room (April 2013)

Yip Yip's discover The Overflow! (Summer 2013)

Overflow Archives Poster for River Gibbs FM  (Jan 2014)

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